Meet Merlin, an 81-year-old beggar from Chennai who is changing life by teaching English on Instagram.

A wonderful social media story of an elderly woman beggar who used to be an English teacher in Myanmar and relocated to Chennai after her wedding has gone viral. Check out her English lessons!

English with Merlin : 81-year-old beggar in Chennai

A content creator observed an old woman begging in Chennai who used to be an English teacher in Myanmar and relocated to India after her wedding. Her life has been altered by an accidental encounter.

Mohamed Ashik, 25, spotted Merlin, 81, who used to relocate to India after marrying. “At some point, she lost everyone; all of her loved ones died one by one.” “She’s all alone now,” Ashik explained.

Ashik stated that Merlin did not want to live in an old age home and preferred to stay where she was.

Merlin was overjoyed when Ashik presented her with a saree. When he told her he didn’t want her to beg, she said, “If you don’t want me to beg, then how can I eat for my stomach?”

Ashik invited Merlin to assist him in creating English-teaching videos, promising to compensate her for each film.

“I made a deal with Merlin to help me make videos, and in exchange, I pay her back with whatever I can afford,” he explained. This is to urge her to begin teaching rather than asking.”

“So I have to eat for myself,” Merlin explained. Who will offer me something to eat because I need to fill my stomach?”


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