The Congress promises Telangana 200 free power units and free bus passes for women

Former Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi offered six promises to the people of Telangana on Sunday, September 17, if the party wins the next state assembly election. Three of the six assurances were identical to those offered in the neighboring state of Karnataka during the recent election. These include monthly cash aid for women, free bus passes for women, and 200 units of free electricity per home each month.

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The Mahalaxmi guarantee includes three initiatives, one of which is a financial aid scheme in which the head woman of a home receives Rs 2500 per month. The identical scheme, known as Gruha Lakshmi in Karnataka, guaranteed Rs 2000 per month and was started in July of this year. Under the Shakti plan, the Congress has also guaranteed Rs 500 LPG gas cylinders and free RTC bus travel for women.

Farmers and tenant farmers will receive Rs 15,000 per year under the Rythu Bharosa guarantee, while agricultural laborers will receive Rs 12,000 per year. In addition, the assurance includes a Rs 500 premium for paddy crops.

In Telangana, the state government’s Rythu Bandhu scheme now provides landowners with an input subsidy of $100,000 per year (5000 for Khariff and 5000 for Rabi seasos). It does not, however, account for tenant farmers.

The Congress has promised that every homes will receive 200 units of free power each month under the Gruha Jyothi Guarantee. The Indiramma Indlu Guarantee guarantees house sites and Rs 5 lakhs to individuals without homes, as well as plots of 250 square yards to Telangana movement warriors.
The Yuva Vikasam scheme for pupils would ensure that students receive Vidya Bharosa Cards worth Rs 5 lakhs and that every mandal has a Telangana International School.
The final assurance, Cheyutha, guarantees a Rs 10 lakh insurance policy through Rajiv Arogyasri and a monthly annuity of Rs 4,000.

Sonia Gandhi pleaded for public support during a speech on the outskirts of Hyderabad. She highlighted that the party was dedicated to following through on its pledges, saying, “I and my party members had the opportunity to be a part of Telangana’s birth.” My dream is for the Congress to build a government in Telangana that works for all sections.”

Rahul Gandhi declared that the Congress would enforce all six guarantees the day it takes power in Telangana.


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