The Famous Bademiya Restaurant in Mumbai has been sealed after rats found in the Kitchen Area

The popular South Mumbai eatery Bademiya was closed on Wednesday following raids by Maharashtra’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA raided the restaurant due to hygiene complaints. During the raids, officials discovered cockroaches and rats in the eatery’s kitchen, according to sources.

Further inspection revealed that the 76-year-old eatery did not have a license from the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India.

Despite this, the eatery had two locations in South Mumbai and Bandra.

Bademiya eatery sealed after rats found in Kitchen area

The FDA immediately sealed Bademiya due to the unsanitary kitchen and lack of a license, and the owner was issued a stop-work order.

“There is an ongoing FDA raid and inspection of restaurants in Mumbai.” One of the hotels that has been raided is the Bademiya. The vigilance team and our local officer arrived here (Bademiya) this afternoon and discovered a cloud kitchen serving meals for two of its adjoining branches. An FDA official told India Today, “There was no license granted to the eatery, and hygiene issues have also surfaced.”

“The FSSAI license had not been renewed for several years,” according to the official.

“In the interests of public health, this was necessary,” he added.

Bademiya is a Mumbai food stall and restaurant chain that began in 1946 as a makeshift seekh kebab counter. The restaurant is a well-known landmark and tourist attraction in Mumbai’s Colaba neighborhood.


However, the owner of Bademiya told India Today that they had all of their licenses in hand and renewed, with the exception of an FSSAI license, which is in the works. The owner stated that he was willing to cooperate with the authorities.

“The license until Covid lockdown has been renewed, and for the latter period, we have applied for our license,” said the owner.

When asked about the alleged hygiene problem at his restaurant, Bademiya’s owner stated that they would be more cautious in serving food to the public in the future.

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