Unity Technologies: a popular video game company, has closed its doors due to death threats.

Unity made the announcement about the office closures and threats following a heated debate about its pricing strategy.

Unity Technologies, a video game software company, has decided to close two of its offices and postpone a town hall meeting. This drastic measure is being taken in response to what the company has determined to be a credible death threat. The threat came in the aftermath of Unity’s recent contentious decision to change its pricing structure, which sparked outrage in the gaming community.

Unity Technologies Latest News Update

John Riccitiello, the CEO of Unity, had planned to address the company’s employees during a town hall meeting. However, citing security concerns, he decided to cancel the meeting as a precautionary measure. Unity’s offices in Austin, Texas, and San Francisco will also be closed on Thursday and Friday.

Unity announced the office closures and threats in response to a heated debate over its pricing strategy. The company revealed plans to implement a new fee system for Unity Engine developers. Beginning January 1, 2024, Unity-based game developers will be charged based on the number of user installations once a certain threshold is reached.

This decision sparked outrage, with some game developers accusing Unity of violating its own terms of service and worried that the new fees would jeopardize their livelihoods. Many video game developers publicly urged the technology behemoth to reconsider its pricing policy.

According to a report, a spokesperson for Unity stated that the company became aware of a potential threat to some of its offices and took immediate and proactive measures to ensure the safety of its employees. The spokesperson emphasized Unity’s unwavering support for law enforcement in dealing with the threat.

A contentious pricing decision combined with a credible death threat has thrust Unity Technologies into the spotlight, highlighting the emotions and consequences that can result from gaming industry decisions.

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